2022: The Year of Risk at AgTech… So What?

2022 was a wild year– both in the world of agtech broadly, and for us here at Tenacious Ventures. We’ve covered a lot of ground, spanning everything from scaling soil tech, to the future of ag marketing, to alternative protein, novel investing tactics, and most recently, the next generation of farm inputs.

Today, we’re taking some time to reflect on the most important lessons we’ve learned on the podcast this year– and for us, it all came back to the question of how tech can help mitigate risk in agriculture. You’ll hear snippets from five episodes that we found particularly thought-provoking in relation to the risk question– including on the topics of: 

  • How advances in autonomous will transform the way that farmers use inputs with Andrew Bate from SwarmFarm Robotics*
  • The way that parametric insurance could change the way that farm products are sold, and the power that farmers have in negotiating with their partners with Damon Johnson of Parametrics.ag and New South Wales Farmer Tom Ferguson
  • Why the framing of farm data discussions over recent years is likely to inhibit the growth and adoption of some critical next-gen technologies with J. Matthew Pryor
  • How unknown risks make sharp competitive advantages an imperative amongst farm and agtech businesses with Amy Bruch of Cyclone Farms

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*Disclaimer: Tenacious Ventures is an investor in SwarmFarm Robotics

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Key takeaways

  • [2:05] Autonomous equipment meets input optimization
  • [6:42] Costs and benefits of parametric insurance
  • [13:30] The existential on-farm threats of global ag