AgTech Headlines… So What? - Mineral Launch, Planet Labs Insurance, Deere Right-to-Repair

Breaking news in the agtech world abounds here at the beginning of 2023, and as we've tracked the latest announcements, we've been thinking a lot about a few tech updates, especially from major brands, and what they might mean for the agtech landscape in the near future.

Today, teammates Komal Patel and Matthew Pryor join Sarah to discuss a few pieces of news from the past few weeks that stood out. We dig into the details, read between the lines, and argue why we think they're worth paying attention to.

In this bonus episode, the Tenacious team offers analysis on:

  • What does the Alphabet – the parent company of Google – announcement of the launch of its agtech company, Mineral, mean for startups
  • How does Planet Labs’ announcement of upcoming collaborations with finance and insurance partners to provide ag services change the future for ag data business models
  • Why might John Deere’s right-to-repair announcement not bring farmers the relief they demand

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Key takeaways

  • [00:05:35] The defensibility of “good models” vs. Microsoft
  • [00:10:29] How machine learning shapes the future of ag retail
  • [00:19:55] The imperfect psychology of right-to-repair