Biologicals and chemistry: finding ways to commercialize the science

Just because something can be done, doesn’t mean it should be. In agtech, this is a reminder that no matter how cutting edge the science or technology, when it comes to commercialization, functionality and novelty are simply not enough. This is especially true in the complex area of chemistry and the emerging industry of biologicals.

This episode features two scientists who, instead of viewing the publication of their research as an end point, have made it the beginning of a venture-backed startup journey. Dr. Jacqueline Heard, CEO of Enko Chem, a US agtech startup that has raised over $50M to develop novel crop protection solutions, and Dr. Nancy Schellhorn, CEO of RapidAIM, a Tenacious Venture portfolio company that spun out of Australia’s CSIRO, join us to discuss:

  • The journey from researcher to founder within the deeply technical landscape of inputs

  • The challenges of transitioning from scientist to venture-backed startup founder

  • Two business models that, as mentioned in Part 1 of this series, are helping overcome some of the challenges in bringing new inputs (including biologicals) to market

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