Bonus Ep: The Three Fears of Farm Data

This bonus podcast episode is an experiment.

Rather than organize the contributions that usually make up an episode, we decided to hit record on one of the conversations that are always happening internally at Tenacious Ventures. 

It’s a snapshot into how we think, form and test our assumptions, and decide on what might be next.

It also captured the team taking on a pretty hot topic on the mind of anyone in agtech battling with adoption and scaling digitally-native solutions:

Have we in agtech completely f*****d farmers by making them afraid of sharing their data?

Listen in to Matthew Pryor and Sarah Nolet from Tenacious Ventures, and Shane Thomas, agronomist and author at Upstream Ag Insights, work through an emerging theory that uncertainty and fear about farm data is a largely unfounded barrier to adoption.

Throughout this recorded conversation, the team explores questions like:

  • Which barriers to adoption are actually grounded in reality when it comes to farmers and farm data?

  • How did the agtech industry create such fear around farm data, and who has the greatest leverage to change the conversation?

  • Why could improvements in data migration unlock greater adoption of digitally-native solutions by farmers? 

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Key takeaways