BONUS Episode: Live panel from evokeAG 2020 featuring global agrifood tech experts

This year’s evokeAG brought 1300 global innovators together in Melbourne, Australia. Touted as Asia Pacific's largest agrifood tech event, the jam-packed conference featured international experts, innovative farmers, dozens of startups, and much more, showcasing what the region has to offer in agrifood tech innovation.

We know everyone cannot attend these events, so we hope this bonus episode gives a taste of what the conference was like, and what events like evokeAG hope to achieve.

This episode features a live recording of the first panel on the main stage, titled The Asia-Pacific region and how we are rising. Panelists included:

The premise of the panel was that change is coming to the agricultural and food industries at lightning speed, and the Asia-Pacific region is gaining traction. But how is this region getting ahead? And what types of collaborations are providing the fuel for acceleration?

The panel discussion covers:

  • Highlights from the last 12 months in agrifood tech in APAC

  • What is the role of the government in supporting agritech? (e.g., safety regulations, economic development opportunities, etc.)

  • How we can get more farmers involved (and getting value from) agtech?

  • Opportunities beyond the farm gate that are exciting for investment (e.g., value adding, indigenous foods, nutraceuticals, renewables, regenerative agriculture, carbon farming)

  • Strong, practical examples of collaborations that are more than just talk, but actual action

Resources and Shoutouts from the Episode

Key takeaways