Bonus: The Economics of Valuing Natural Capital - Ken Henry, former Treasury Secretary of Australia

Dr. Ken Henry became well-known in Australia for his bold economic reforms as the Treasury Secretary throughout the 2000s. His approach to conservation and agriculture is equally as bold, advocating for the natural environment to be valued, and even predicting “an explosion” in financial instruments to measure soil carbon, vegetation, biodiversity and other aspects of nature.

As an economist, former Chair of the National Australia Bank, and current board director of Accounting for Nature, he brings a unique perspective to agtech and agriculture.

In this bonus episode, Ken talks with Agthentic co-founder, Matthew Pryor, about:

  • How his father’s career as a timber worker sparked an interest in measuring natural capital

  • Why economic incentives are needed to further encourage landowners to protect the environmental condition of farms (and what these incentives should look like).

  • How Australia (or any Western nation) can market itself as having quality, “climate adaptive” produce to capitalize on the growing middle classes in China and India.

  • Why we can expect farm bank managers to be increasingly interested in how a farm’s environmental condition is managed.

Useful Resources:

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Accounting for Nature

Australia in the Asian Century -  Australian Government White Paper

Key takeaways