Ep 58: Fiona Aveyard on drought, dust storms, and value-adding

Agtech is about more than the technologies. It's about new business models in agriculture, and of course the innovators driving changes along the value chain. Today’s guest, Fiona Aveyard, a 5th generation mixed farmer, is definitely an innovator and an entrepreneur.

In this episode, Fiona and I chat about:

  • Dust storms, drought, and what it’s really like for producers in these incredibly tough times

  • How thinking about the future of consumers, climate, and regional areas inspired Fiona to build the Outback Lamb brand and start creating value-add products like sausage rolls

  • What it’s really like to start a new business- the ups and downs, and tips for others to get started

This episode is again part of our series in partnership with Farmers2Founders, an innovation program designed specially for primary producers. Fiona is one of the businesses in the program. Applications are open now for the Ideas Program. So, if you’re a producer with an invention to commercialize or an idea for a new product, check it out!

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Key takeaways