Ep 59: Mic Fels on startup buzzwords and where the real value is in agtech

Mic Fels is someone I’ve wanted to speak with ever since I read an article he wrote. The article was called, "How I make money out of iPaddock (it's not what you think)"

iPaddock is the company Mic has set up to commercialize a range of apps and machinery that he has built.

All these products started with problems Mic was experiencing himself- he and his wife, Marnie, crop about 11,000 hectares in Esperance, Western Australia. But though Mic is an early adopter and was experimenting with solutions from big and small vendors, he couldn't find anything that was really going to get the job done. So Mic decided to build them himself.

In our chat, Mic shares why the existing solutions weren't good enough, and what it's been like to build both software (really hard) and hardware (easier, he's a mechanical engineer!).

We also chat about what it's been like to commercialize these products, and what his journey into entrepreneurship has taught him about startups and about farming.

For any farmers out there frustrated with agtech and considering building your own solutions, this is worth a listen. AgTech startups and investors, tune in too, as Mic shares insights about what is so frustrating to farmers, and tips for being more farmer-centric.

For more from Mic and to check out the iPaddock products, follow Mic on twitter or check out iPaddock.

Key takeaways