From Buyer Beware to Seller Beware in Agtech

We’ve been thinking a lot recently about how much the world of agtech has changed over the last two decades, and how companies, and more importantly, their customers, are adapting to an increasingly digitally native world. For years, the focus was on educating farmer-customers and post-sales training. But today, sophisticated growers tell their tech partners, and their peer networks, what they want, need, like, and dislike about their tools, often in real time. 

Today we dig into this transition, which we think of as the shift in agtech from ‘buyer beware’ to ‘seller beware’. First, we talk to Leet Wilksch of Agbyte, who sits on both sides of the buyer/seller table as farmers have evolved from tech skeptics to discerning buyers. Then, we gain some industry perspective from Jason McNeice and Darren Walford of Trimble Agriculture. 

In this episode, our guests speak about:

  • Network effects in agtech, and how farmers share, learn, and engage about the tools that do and don’t work for them
  • How sales channels are evolving to accommodate, or leave out, high tech tools and solutions, and why the last touch before the sale, and the first one after, matter so much
  • The endemic lack of service and connectivity in agtech, and specifically ag software spaces, and how companies can and should evolve

‍This episode is brought to you in partnership with Trimble Agriculture, who are building technology to make farming better through precision.

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Key takeaways

  • [4:10] Our customers know what they want
  • [13:30] Agtech has to get to “Wow” in the demo
  • [22:35] When expensive gear falls flat