Future of Fertilizer... So What? with Tim Hammerich from Future of Agriculture

Global geopolitical disruptions first put fertilizer center stage as farmers around the world struggle with price and supply swings. But that was just the beginning of the conversation– fertilizer tech is stepping into the spotlight, offering alternatives not only to traditional products, but also to our whole way of thinking about the crop nutrients sector. 

Today, Tim Hammerich of the Future of Agriculture Podcast joins Sarah to dig into the “so what?” of the nitrogen tech we’ve discussed here on the podcast and the fertilizer innovations Tim has recently covered. Along the way, we offer theories on what the future might look like. 

In this episode, Tim and Sarah dig into: 

  • What’s working, and what’s not, about current fertilizer technology plays
  • How do investors (and podcast hosts) think about due diligence and sort the wheat from the chaff on whether a technology is ready for prime time
  • What role climate policy will play in both the fertilizer tech and the ag investment landscape going forward

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Key takeaways

  • [00:02:54] Not all chemistry is bad, not all biology is good
  • [00:18:53] The role of policy in motivating climate adaptation in ag
  • [00:32:33] Can livestock help close the crop nutrient loop on farms?