(Live Panel) What does it take for researchers & startups to collaborate in agtech?

Australia has world class agricultural research, but has struggled to rank as highly for commercialization. How can we improve this, and get more valuable innovations to market? One way is through collaboration between research organizations and startups.

But what does it actually take to collaborate? And are the challenges in Australia unique to this market, or do researchers and startups face similar obstacles in agtech around the world?

Today’s episode tackles this question in a panel discussion, recorded live at the AgTech Meetup in Sydney. Panelists for the evening were: Dr Peter Thorburn, Chief Research Scientist at CSIRO; Tegan Nock, Co-Founder at SoilCQuest 2031; and Nick Hazell, Founder and CEO at V2 Food.

Tune in to hear about:

  • How research organizations can successfully move at startup speed

  • Lessons about IP management

  • How startups can leverage the rigor and credibility that research organizations bring, without breaking the bank

  • Successful, unique models for researcher + startup collaborations

  • The secret talents of all the panelists

For more on the panelists, check out:

The Sydney AgTech Meetup is proudly sponsored by SproutX, Australia’s first agtech accelerator.

Key takeaways