Meeting in the Middle on Sustainable Supply Chains - Jessie Deelo, Vayda

Sustainability has come a long way in food and agriculture. It used to be almost a dirty word in boardrooms and at the farmgate. But now, it’s business as usual to expect CSR policies, ESG strategies, and decarbonization targets from all major agri-food companies.

According to Jessie Deelo, Chief Hub Officer at Vayda, leading companies are moving toward sustainability targets that are measurable, integrated, and connected to the real world challenges of on-farm sustainability. In her work improving the environmental and social impact of supply chains, Jessie is seeing a huge opportunity for farmers that already embrace sustainable production methods to connect with brands that need inputs with impact. 

In this episode, Jessie shares her insights on:

  • How sustainability has gone from an issue for “hippies” to table stakes for the fastest growing food brands

  • The challenges food companies face in shifting from certifications to targets

  • Why the KPIs and metrics possible within regenerative agriculture are so appealing to food companies

  • How dairy has emerged as a leader for building supply chains that buck the conventions we expect from vertically-integrated corporate agribusiness.

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