Shifting from Climate Measurement to Risk Mitigation, with Cullen Gunn from Kilter Rural

There is a lot of momentum in agtech right now around investing at the intersection of ag and climate– and inevitably, many conversations start with a focus on how to measure impact. The problem we’ve been thinking about lately-- this conversation often gets stuck on the measurement challenge. In our perspective, the real opportunities go beyond just measuring the impact of decisions like practice changes. The future is in taking actions that meaningfully mitigate climate risks to agriculture. 

To dig into this challenge, we’re joined this week by Cullen Gunn, CEO and Executive Director of Kilter Rural, which has been operating in the natural capital space since 2004, specifically investing in rural landscapes, water, and ecosystem protection. 

In this episode, Cullen speaks about:

  • His evolving vision for managing ag landscapes under chaotic climatic conditions, and how that fits into larger social and economic demands
  • How to navigate the rapidly changing world of environmental monitoring, especially when it comes to Scope 3 emissions
  • What promising technologies and strategies might enable progress; from tracking and monitoring year-to-year outcomes to motivating and compensating producers for making actual change. 

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Key takeaways

  • [00:04:08] How to sell investments in ecosystems
  • [00:16:25] Access ecosystem value in farmland
  • [00:23:18] Tech and the future of affordable environmental accounting