Transforming Animal Waste into Renewable Fertilizer with Jordan Phasey from Phinite

When people in ag think about fertilizer, nitrogen -- or N -- is usually the first thing that comes to mind, whether thinking about yields, costs, or environmental impacts. But phosphorus is another concerning element of the crop nutrient mix, due to the declining minable supplies, and the fact that those supplies are almost exclusively located in Morocco and China. 

But natural deposits aren’t the only source of phosphorus on Earth: livestock manure also contains meaningful quantities of the valuable mineral. The challenge is in transforming a complex, liquid, and highly concentrated waste product into the fertility input that most farmers are familiar with. 

Luckily, Jordan Phasey, CEO and Founder at Phinite, is up for that challenge.  In this episode, Jordan speaks about:

  • His journey to developing a physical technology to help livestock producers turn a waste management cost into revenue
  • The challenges refining and communicating a new, complex business model
  • How aligning incentives provides a valuable unlock code in terms of industry access and customer acceptance
  • How the end product of Phinite’s process can provide a critical resource for producers looking to regenerative practices, with a small fossil fuel footprint

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Key takeaways

  • [00:07:27] The challenge of removing water from manure
  • [00:19:25] Building the product knowledge base among regen farmers
  • [00:26:44] Realizing the need for per-unit profitability