Unscrambling Go-to-Market and Brand in Alternative Protein, with Tanja Bogumil, Perfeggt

Let’s talk about eggs.

Hardly anything can match the egg for complete versatility. Eggs are a crucial ingredient that unlocks the tastes, textures, and experiences we take for granted in everything from a simple home omelette to food manufactured on an industrial scale.

So, how would you approach replacing the egg with a plant-based alternative? 

This week on EggTech…So What?, we spoke with alternative-protein entrepreneur Tanja Bogumil. Tanja is the Co-Founder and CEO of Berlin-based Perfeggt, a company working to bring vegan, fava-bean-based alternatives to market, starting with a liquid substitute for scrambled eggs and baking.

In this episode, Tanja shares her insights on:

  • Her story moving from digital entrepreneurship into food, and finding the best team to “crack the egg”

  • How Perfeggt mapped the “jobs-to-be-done” of the egg in the food production value chain, and how this informed their initial product focus

  • Why initial alternative-protein products are “a means to an end” to start shifting consumer behavior and creatingpathways to scale

  • What future strategies for category dominance in alternative-proteins could look like

Key takeaways