What's caused the farmer protests in India and what does it mean for innovation in Ag?

What caused the farmer protests in India and what does they mean for innovation in agriculture?

Hero image credit: India Farmer Protest in Washington, DC, by Gayatri Malhorta

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Agriculture in India has been thrust onto the international stage as the world watched and celebrities tweeted about the tens of thousands of farmers camped out in Delhi over the last 6 months to protest against governmental reforms which loosen rules around the sale, pricing, and storage of produce.

Farmers say these changes prioritize corporate interests and threaten livelihoods, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi argues they will lead to greater efficiency and ultimately income for smallholder farmers.

In this episode, Sarah is joined by colleague Komal Patel to unpack why farmers are protesting, what’s working (and what’s not) in India’s agricultural system, and what it means for agtech and innovation. It features:

The discussion covers:

  • How can India open up agricultural markets without hurting the livelihoods of its farmers?

  • How can public policy incentivize agtech and private investors, while also ensuring a fair system that doesn’t just benefit the powerful?

  • The slippery slope of policy reforms

  • How India’s agricultural system can move forward sustainably and successfully

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