Why You Should Give a F*ck About Farming - Gabrielle Chan

Does the average citizen actually need to care about how their food is produced? This is the central question Australian author and journalist, Gabrielle Chan, set out to answer. Her latest book,  “Why you should give a f*ck about farming” details her firm conclusion, that yes, if you eat food, you should in fact care about agriculture.

While the old days of agriculture as the top contributor to GDP is over for most Western countries, Gabrielle argues the future of food and farming is becoming increasingly important for a raft of other reasons such as climate change and food security. 

In this episode, she talks about:

  • Her own introduction to farming, including what shocked her when she first moved from the city to marry a farmer.

  • The emergence of ‘food tribes’, where people view what they eat as part of their identity.

  • How politics is failing agriculture by not having a “backyard plan;” a strategy to value natural capital and make considered decisions about land use.

  • The role of agtech in bringing outsiders into agriculture, reinvigorating rural communities, and re-establishing connections between consumers and farmers.

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