Pathways to Impact

Our investment mandate is to foster the development and growth of innovations that can be applied to global challenges in food and agriculture. Pathways for impact that we invest in include, but are not limited to: 

Waste & Resource Recovery

Identifying & reducing waste, re-designing supply chains and products to eliminate waste, or valorising waste streams

Embedded Finance & Risk

Unlocking new supply chain finance, risk, and insurance products and business models through enhanced data and transparency (e.g., asset backed finance, parametric insurance, etc)

Sustainable Protein

Alternative and climate-neutral (or better) methods to create and/or incentivise production of nutritious protein from animals, plants, and novel production systems

Lower Intensity Production

Technologies and business models that enable the agri-food value chain to respond to, and thrive amidst, the push toward lowering the input intensity of production systems (e.g., reduced chemicals, energy, emissions, etc.)

Democratized Infrastructure

Reimagining infrastructure as modular & distributed and powered by automation & digital disruption, that will reconfigure agri-food value chains to unlock new economics & impact

Enhanced Natural Capital

Tools, processes, and markets to incentivize & reward growers for ecosystem services (e.g., bio-sequestration) and scale markets to deliver environmental impact globally