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 Adopting agri-food technology presents a huge opportunity for farming globally. In Australia alone, digital technologies hold the potential to increase the gross value of production by over $20 billion


 Harnessing the potential of a Global Opportunity

Australia has created a promising agri-food innovation system but to reach full potential it needs dedicated agri-food investment, better connections between founders and farmers, and elegant solutions that solve real problems.


We believe that entrepreneurs, technology, and aligned capital will create products and businesses that improve profitability and productivity on farm and along the supply chain.

We believe this will drive vitality to regional communities and directly contribute to the food security and sustainability of the planet.


An ExperienceD and connected team Directly Supporting the best talent in Australia

Our team, led by co-founders Matthew Pryor and Sarah Nolet, is uniquely qualified to identify, invest in, and support agtech startups. We have spent our careers working to bring technology-enabled solutions to agriculture. We have helped to build the agtech industry in Australia. And we have been honored to work with innovative producers and grower groups, as well as early-stage startups like Goterra ($1.2M raised) AgriDigital ($5.5M raised), FluroSat ($1.5M raised), and ProAgni ($800k raised), that are solving tough, important problems with new business models and technologies.


Agtech companies will only succeed with strong industry connections, and we believe the same is true of our fund. We see the agriculture industry as core to agtech - not just as customers, but as experts, advisors, and investors entitled to share in the returns from the success of agtech startups.


A Fund Backed By Industry

We are raising our first fund to invest in Australia’s best agri-food technology startups. We want the cornerstone investors in our fund to be directly linked with Australia’s farming communities. We are seeking direct connections to motivated people and organisations who understand agriculture and want to invest in, support, and share in the success of this new wave of innovation.

This is an incredible opportunity to help build the future of an industry that matters to all of us.

We hope you’ll join us.


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