Bringing Systems Thinking to the Global Fertilizer Industry

Without a doubt, the global fertilizer sector sits at the center of a complex web of international industries. From energy to mining and food to agriculture, turning deep earth minerals from the far reaches of the globe into the food we eat every day is no small task, and even tiny changes can have outsized, and often unpredictable, impacts. That’s why, as we continue our thinking around what the future of fertilizer, and therefore the future of the global food system will look like, we are coming to the challenge with a systems approach. 

And today, we’ve invited a guest with a unique global perspective to offer some insight at the system level. We’re joined by Alzbeta Klein, CEO and Director General of The International Fertilizer Association (IFA), who offers her vision of a path towards a more resilient and responsible fertilizer sector, and what that journey could mean for everyone else. 

In this episode, Alzbeta speaks about:

  • The lessons learned, both within the fertilizer sector and without, during a global pandemic and a war in Eastern Europe
  • How fertilizer companies are tackling the challenge of reducing their carbon emissions and investing in new technologies
  • What new markets and business models are emerging as the global fertilizer industry evolves, and what financial tools are needed to support further advancements

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Key takeaways

  • [00:06:11] Unique logistical challenges of the global fertilizer trade
  • [00:12:28] How legacy fertilizer companies are thinking about R&D
  • [00:29:00] Global fertilizer’s five, ten, and thirty year outlook

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