Can Molecular Farming Replace Cows with Crops? with Amos Palfreyman of Miruku

The question of how to make commodity crops more valuable is a perennial one in agriculture, and over the years there have been a lot of good-- and bad-- answers. Recently, one strategy has emerged that we find particularly intriguing, though it's safe to say it comes with plenty of challenges.

Today, we’re exploring molecular farming– which, in this case, involves the production of dairy proteins in a genetically modified plant. Growing protein this way offers a lot of potential benefits, from avoiding the environmental impact of animal production to enabling plant-based dairy products that are quite true to the original.

Amos Palfreyman, Co-Founder and CEO at molecular farming startup Miruku, joins us to highlight the opportunities and challenges in this fast evolving space.  In this episode, Amos speaks about:

  • How Miruku selected their target protein and target plants in which to grow it
  • His vision for the future of protein production and consumption 
  • The regulatory challenges involved in creating familiar food ingredients in novel ways
  • Why he believes molecular farming has staying power in the food system, despite alternatives like precision fermentation


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Key takeaways

  • [00:09:27] Should the future of food be animal free?
  • [00:18:40] Key advantages of molecular farming
  • [00:25:49] Deciding to be a tech company, not a food company

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