Electrifying the Farm with David Meyers of GridTractor

On the surface, the opportunity to transition on-farm energy to electricity seems limited at best. Farm jobs and farm equipment are big, and often require a level of power that electric options have historically been unable to meet. But between advances in electric vehicles and shifting dynamics in farm operations, those limitations are starting to dissolve. So we’ve started to wonder: is on-farm electrification at a tipping point? 

Today we’ve asked David Meyers, CEO and Founder at GridTractor, to help us explore that question. His perch at the head of an agricultural fleet electrification and charging services company gives him a unique perspective on what comes next for energy use on the farm level, and what that could mean not only for the industry, but for electrification across the economy as well. 

In this episode, David speaks about:

  • The opportunity for on-farm electrification, and the barriers that need to be overcome
  • How reimagining on-farm energy use means rethinking operations and unlocks new business models
  • How soon we’ll see significant adoption of electric vehicles on-farm

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Key takeaways

  • [00:10:35] On-farm electrification is more than tractors
  • [00:20:03] New business models at the electrification frontier 
  • [00:26:41] Understanding GridTractor’s spinout opportunity

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