How green is sustainable aviation fuel? With Cris Handel

As the US works to hammer out requirements for sustainable aviation fuel tax credits, the potential for the airline industry to open a huge new market for oil seeds has watchers in the sustainability space wondering what’s next. Will the opportunity for agtech to provide producers with the tools they need to meet production requirements and prove sustainability credentials be substantial?

The sustainable aviation fuel market is evolving rapidly, and we wanted to know more. This week, our guest is Cris Handel, Global Sustainability Officer at Valent Biosciences, Fractional COO at New West Genetics, and Former COO at Covercress. Cris helps us tackle topics including: 

  • The history, potential opportunity, and evolving challenges of introducing new crops in advanced production ag markets
  • The opportunity in sustainable aviation fuel, and how both private and public motivations will continue to move the sector forward
  • How the evolution of global value chains leaves room for (both positive and negative) unintended consequences 

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Key takeaways

  • [00:10:08] Why aviation is different than other demand industries
  • [00:21:52] Creating new, more adaptable value chains in agriculture
  • [00:29:38] Agtech and the reasons to be optimistic about change

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