How Small Growers Think about AgTech, with Sam Godwin, Washington Apple Grower

There are few areas of the ag sector that are more in need of tech solutions than tree fruits. All around the world, factors like labor shortages, an aging farm workforce, mounting regulations, and rising costs have put fresh produce growers in a bind. 

AgTech innovators have been hard at work on tools - especially harvesting tools - for years. But progress has been much slower than many hoped. One of the key problems from a grower perspective is the price tag– even when a robot comes along that can pick or prune, it’s too expensive for all but the biggest growers. 

To understand this challenge better, today we’re diving into how growers think about tech solutions that are accessible to growers of all sizes. Sam Godwin, second generation apple, pear, and cherry farmer, and current chairman of the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission, joins us to offer his perspectives on: 

  • Why consolidation in permanent crops has led to increased focus on the business side of farming 
  • Special constraints and opportunities that exist for organic tree fruit producers
  • How small growers think about investing in tools- from total cost, to maintenance, to comparing alternatives


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Key takeaways

  • [00:11:04] Exploring new value propositions in an old industry
  • [00:16:06] Unique tech needs for organic tree fruit growers
  • [00:22:41] Additive tech unlocks small grower customers

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