How to Invest in Deep Tech in Agri-food, Tenaciously

Deep tech– or the world of technology companies beyond those that make software– is often seen as a bridge too far for the world of venture capital investing. A key challenge; the tried and true strategies around growing high-value companies quickly that were the hallmark of the 2000s and 2010s don’t often translate when a company is moving atoms and molecules instead of bits and bytes. 

But from our perspective, deep tech is likely the most important component of our future food system. We have conviction that deep tech advances, from robotics to distributed input production, will actually be the most important advances driving the industry forward during the next 100 years.

Today, Komal Patel and Matthew Pryor from our team here at Tenacious Ventures are digging more into why we have this conviction, and how we think about the hard questions around de-risking deep tech in ag. They’ll discuss: 

  • The importance of what can’t be digitized in agriculture
  • Provoking and challenging the power law in venture capital 
  • Relearning the value of customer acquisition while managing technical risk
  • How we think about returns profiles for deep tech opportunities
  • The value of blending venture funding with non-dilutive capital for deep tech companies


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Key takeaways

  • [00:04:33] Determining the difference between technical and market risk
  • [00:10:44] What to listen for from deep tech founders
  • [00:21:36] Understanding the returns potential in deep tech

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