Impact is in our DNA: 2023 Impact Report

We have always believed that investing in agri-food technologies with a climate lens, especially in Australia, is a unique opportunity to do good and do well - true non-concessionary impact. 

Just over three years since the first close of our first fund, we’re seeing the impact that we only imagined when we started become a reality across Australia. 

We want to share this reality with our community, both because we are incredibly proud of the impact we’ve catalyzed so far, and also in hopes that our transparent, rigorous approach to impact investing will inspire others. 

So we’re thrilled to announce the release of our inaugural Impact Report

Catalyzing an ecologically sustainable, climate-resilient & decarbonized agri-food system

Our global food and agriculture system is facing unprecedented pressures due to climate change. We urgently need commercially viable solutions for adaptation and resilience, decarbonization, and ecological sustainability. This is perhaps the most underinvested economic opportunity, with the highest potential for impact, that exists today. 

It is also the driving force behind our mission at Tenacious Ventures: to deliver impact and returns along the agri-food value chain. 

As the world continues to grapple with complex challenges and the urgency of climate change, agri-food tech startups have a unique opportunity to make a difference and drive meaningful change through continued commercial progress. 

Impact is a team sport 

Thank you to our investors, the true believers who have backed the team and vision behind Tenacious from the beginning. The impact outlined in our report would not be possible without you. 

And to our founders, the truly tenacious ones, we are honored to be your true believers as you fight in the trenches each and every day to unlock impact at scale.

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Key takeaways

  • This inaugural impact report includes our climate impact metrics and select case studies
  • We pride ourselves on having a diverse team and investing in diverse founders

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