The Many Faces of Farm Security with John Hill

At the intersection of ubiquitous and affordable cameras and internet connections, growing farm sizes, and increasing environmental and social vulnerabilities sits the opportunity of farm security. The number of applications for this kind of remote monitoring are endless– from discouraging stock and equipment theft (or solving cases after the fact), to detecting bushfire conditions, to marketing properties and land-based opportunities like hunting. 

Though simple cameras and video feeds might not seem like the kind of amazing, futuristic tech that really gets people excited, these tools - paired with the processing and detective power of AI and machine learning - have the possibility to unlock a ton of value without huge capital investments. 

Today, we’re learning more about one business here in Australia that’s tackling the farm security space, and seeing it grow and transform rapidly before their eyes. Our guest is John Hill, Co-founder and Chief Storyteller at Land Watch Australia, who discusses:

  • What farm security is, what value it offers to farmers and other rural property owners, and how it’s grown
  • How he and his family have built a business model to serve regional Australia in the farm security space, and how he expects it to transform with the help of advanced software tools
  • Why simple video monitoring is becoming even more valuable as climate change advances, for detecting biosecurity issues, water and land risks, and discouraging bad actors

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Key takeaways

  • [00:06:10] The deterrent power of security infrastructure on farms
  • [00:15:30] Digital records as prevention and learning tools
  • [00:26:06] Federal Connectivity Grants and toe-dipping in agtech

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