The Three Categories of Autonomy in Agriculture, with Andrew Bate, SwarmFarm Robotics

Autonomous farming equipment and robotics in ag is more crowded than ever. Every new acquisition from an incumbent or deployment of venture capital into the space creates more buzz to sort through in the inboxes of analysts, entrepreneurs, and farmers.

With the industry growing so quickly, it’s helpful to have a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening, and what it means for the future of agriculture.

So, in this week’s episode we give listeners a framework to understand the rapidly moving world of autonomy in ag. Our guest is Andrew Bate, Co-Founder and CEO of SwarmFarm Robotics, who joins us to share his observations on the three major categories of autonomy that are emerging in ag.

Drawing on his experiences as a farmer and founder, and insights from SwarmBot customers around Australia, Andrew speaks about:

  • How his experience growing the family farm led to the creation of SwarmFarm Robotics
  • What three categories are emerging in the marketplace of autonomy in agriculture
  • Examples of the new farming practices that autonomy unlocks
  • How SwarmFarm Robotics’ plan to scale differs from the dealership model

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*Disclaimer: Tenacious Ventures is an investor in SwarmFarm Robotics

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