We’re hiring a Flywheel Operator…is it you?

Our mission: transform the global food and agriculture system

We are the Agthentic Group, and we are on a mission to help agriculture transition to a carbon neutral and climate change resilient future. We do this by working with innovators, ideas, and emerging technologies across two businesses within the Group:

  • Tenacious Ventures — Australia’s first and only specialist agrifood-tech venture capital firm. We’ve just closed Fund 1 at $35M, backed by tech, impact & agribusiness giants, and have made 6 investments to date.
  • Agthentic Advisory — we work with leading multinational brands, early-adopter farmers, and forward-thinking industry, research, and government organizations on strategies and tactics for innovation, adoption, and impact.

We’ve built the Group from the ground up through a combination of scrappy execution and belief in the power of content. Underpinning our advisory and investment work is AgTech…So What?, our content platform, which we’ve designed to spin up the flywheel that amplifies our insights and maximizes our impact.

We’re proud of where we are today. Our blogs, newsletters, podcasts, and social media reach 20k+ people per month. And we have a reputation for being highly convicted, deeply connected across both the agriculture and tech communities, and for promising “no fluff.”

But we’re also restless. We know we can increase our impact. So far we’ve relied on the fact that we work hard and communicate well. As a result, our brand and reach are strong and growing, but not remarkable. This is where you come in.

What is a Flywheel Operator?

We are looking for a super organized, crazy smart, digitally native allrounder to operate, optimize, and scale our content flywheel.

Your job will vary, ranging from strategic projects to content creation to business admin. Here are some of the things you will be responsible for:

  • support the development, and own the execution, of content creation plans-, create and implement social media posts & bi-weekly newsletters across channels
  • coordinate internal and external content resources- ensure we produce regular, high quality and on-brand thought leadership content
  • champion the ‘user experience’ of engaging with us- deliver a consistent, on-brand experience, and identify & execute aligned partnership opportunities
  • optimize our production processes and marketing infrastructure- measure & optimize results to maximize engagement and build playbooks to help us scale
  • coordinate team speaking engagements- proactively identify strategic opportunities, prioritize inbound leads, and organize logistics
  • organize team and community events- including meetups, team offsites, and our annual investor day

You’re perfect for this role and our team if…

We’re not the kind of company that cares about how much experience you have, or is looking for a particular type of job history. Please apply if…

  • You’re super organized, detail oriented, and reliable- you love to do lists, abhor typos, and have a reputation for never dropping the ball. No job is too small for you.
  • You’re a strategic thinker- you can align detailed tasks to the bigger picture and evaluate what is urgent versus important.
  • You know how to work smart and hard- you are driven to win and have a track record of developing scalable processes.
  • You’re a self-starter with strong time management skills- you thrive amidst uncertainty, are excited about working remotely, and have an extensive list of well-used productivity tools & hacks.
  • You have fantastic verbal and written communication skills- you love writing, have an eye for good content, and are known for your exceptional editing skills.
  • You believe in the power of content to fuel growth- maybe you have a blog or strong social media following, or have worked in an inbound marketing funnel.

This role is NOT…

  • Solely about content creation. But while you don’t need to be a thought-leader, you do need to love writing as you will be regularly creating content, as well as curating and editing other’s work, and building playbooks and partnerships.
  • A partner-track role. Instead, it’s a unique opportunity to work across Tenacious Ventures and Agthentic Advisory to see how businesses are built and investment decisions are made, on a team committed to your personal & professional growth.
  • A nine-to-five gig. We love what we do and have lives outside of work, but we’re intense, ambitious, and serious about changing the world. Our fund is named tenacious for a reason- we expect results above all else.

Why work with us?

Joining Tenacious Ventures is an opportunity to:

  • work at the heart of agriculture, entrepreneurship, and technology with a small, passionate team who believe in our mission and care deeply about impact
  • engage one day with farmers, and the next with entrepreneurs or c-suite execs, capturing insights and telling the stories of non-traditional & surprising innovators
  • work remotely with autonomy and plenty of opportunities to stretch yourself
  • change the world by helping agriculture transition to a more sustainable future

We also offer benefits such as: bonus scheme participation; professional development opportunities; flexible hours; and a home office allowance.

Ready to make an impact?

We’re excited to meet you! To apply, please fill out this short form so we can get to know you better.

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