Yield maps killed agtech software, can AI fix it?

Agtech software has struggled with adoption.

Part of the reason has been that software and farmers haven’t always gotten along. 

Communicating complex, data-rich insights is hard. And user interface paradigms like yield maps and NDVI may have made the problem worse - alienating prospective users with an unwelcoming user experience.

But poor user experience is just one challenge that has stymied adoption. Agtech software has also suffered because it has failed to earn enough trust from farmers, and because it continues to get stuck in challenging & unsustainable business models.

In this report, co-authored with Rhishi Pethe (author of Software is Feeding the World and Founder of Metal Dog Labs), we explore the reasons why agtech software has struggled with adoption, and then ask: can artificial intelligence (AI) address some of these challenges? And if so, how?

We also dig into existing and emerging use cases from corporates and agtech startups that point to a possible future where agtech software unlocks its long-promised potential.

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Key takeaways

  • Three reasons why agtech software hasn't been widely adopted
  • How AI might be able to overcome these challenges
  • Case studies of organizations using AI in agriculture

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