Collaborating at the Intersection of Dairy and Alt-Dairy, with Michael Hampson from Norco Cooperative

There’s a common misconception in the alternative protein space that continues to hold back innovation: the idea that conventional and alternative products are direct competitors. In general, the idea that consumers are dropping conventional milk for soymilk, or eschewing chicken in favor of plant-based nuggets just isn’t reflected in the data. More often then not, consumers buy both conventional proteins and alternative proteins, often at the same time. Acknowledging this, we have a lot of conviction that the future of alt-proteins writ large offers a lot of opportunities for conventional protein producers as well.

Michael Hampson, CEO of Norco Cooperative Ltd., agrees. Since taking over leadership at one of Australia’s largest, farmer-owned dairy coops, he’s helped lead a change journey that has led recently to a new partnership with Eden Brew, which created a precision-fermented milk alternative that can be produced in conventional dairy facilities. 

In this episode, Michael speaks about:

  • Leading a cultural change at Norco that encouraged managers to be bold in tackling opportunities while thinking about failure as a professional development opportunity
  • Wading into a partnership with dairy-alternative Eden Brew, and how he managed the critical reception within the cooperative
  • What he looks for when evaluating agtech or business development opportunities 

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Key takeaways

  • [00:03:25] Creating a culture of valuable failure in legacy organizations
  • [00:17:47] Boosting the value of existing milk-handling supply chain
  • [00:26:52] The top two indicators of a good innovation partner

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