Landfill to Farm-fill: Rethinking Waste

The modern fashion industry creates a ton of waste. From the field to the cutting line, to the supply chain and consumers' closets, today’s ultra-cheap “fast fashion” obsession means everyday a lot of fiber gets carted off to landfills around the world. 

Some amount of that fiber however– especially cotton– is not only biodegradable, it can actually be a valuable addition to soils, especially in dry climates where fibers help hold water. This fact has spurred researchers and farmers in Australia, alongside the Cotton Research Development Corporation (CRDC), to begin experimenting with turning waste fiber into a soil amendment, returning cotton to whence it came and at the same time, removing bulk from overcrowded dumps and investing in a more circular future for the industry. 

To explore this ongoing work, Sarah is joined this week by Sam Coulton, a third generation Queensland cotton grower and owner of Gondiwindi Cotton. They discuss: 

  • Motivations to off- and on-shore value-adding parts of the cotton supply chain
  • The drive towards sustainability and the potential to turn waste into a farm input
  • The wider implications for regional economies of investing in new technology and business models

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Key takeaways

  • [00:14:22] Current and possible benefits to “farm-fill” for cotton farmers
  • [00:20:49] Most valuable tech of Sam’s farm career
  • [00:27:45] Lessons learned from failure in organic cotton

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