Methane and the Climate Commitments that Matter Most Today

As 2030 looms and the climate commitments made in the last decade come into clear (and often disappointing) focus, one important lesson we’ve learned is that not all greenhouse gasses are created equal. Despite the many metrics created in the hopes of simplifying our way to climate action, CO2 is neither the most potent greenhouse gas nor, arguably, the most important priority in the short term. That position is held by methane, and a need for short term methane reductions puts the livestock and dairy sectors in the center of the action. 

Today we’ve asked Katie Anderson, Senior Director of Business, Food and Agriculture at the Environmental Defense Fund, to shine a light on the kinds of current efforts that are fueling these reductions. Her organization’s recently announced partnership with Danone centers on a first-of-its-kind example of a commitment that puts methane– and not generic “climate” or “carbon” work– squarely on the goal line. 

In this episode, Katie speaks about:

  • Where gaps still exist in the existing science and innovation landscape for methane emissions reductions
  • The pros and cons of existing emissions metrics regimes
  • Why it’s critical for organizations to understand the benefits and dangers of messaging about their climate journeys


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Key takeaways

  • [00:07:35] Food and farm emissions reduction toolkit
  • [00:14:50] Understanding financial tools to support climate work
  • [00:24:43] Thinking about internal sustainability goals holistically

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