Evaluating Biologicals Businesses with Joel Lipsitch

For better or worse, the biologicals space is still in the process of repairing a reputation that was marred by years of over-promising and under-delivering. Yet big advances have been made in recent years, helping improve agricultural productivity while reducing the industry’s dependence on chemical pesticides and fertilizers. 

But discerning between new wave innovation and their more snake-oily predecessors isn’t always easy– so we wanted to sit down with an expert who’s been doing this work for decades. (Note: if you’re new to learning about biologicals, check out “Biologicals: snake oil or science, and how do we know?” before you dive into today’s episode for important background.) 

This week, our guest is Joel Lipsitch, Founder at Blair Road Consulting and an expert in biological products and businesses. Joel guides through his thinking on topics including: 

  • The red and green flags he looks for when evaluating biological companies, from the science to pricing models
  • How to expect companies to bridge the gap between the lab and the field, and what it looks like when they succeed
  • The biological go-to-market strategies that have proven the most successful, and where future business model opportunity is likely emerging
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Key takeaways

  • [00:08:30] Similarities (and differences) between pharma and biologicals
  • [00:15:11] The key to viability, performance and consistency with new products
  • [00:23:19] Pricing biologicals as compared to conventional alternatives

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