Generics, Biologicals, and the Volatile Farm Inputs Market with Sam Taylor, Rabobank

The global ag sector has recently passed a turning point, with prices and future outlooks for key commodities taking a decidedly pessimistic turn. Though market volatility is nothing new for producers, it does change the profitability equation. One of the first targets for pencil-sharpening and scrutiny tends to be farm inputs– from crop protection chemistry and fertilizers, to equipment purchases and agtech investments. 

To get us up to speed on the state of global farm input markets, and how growers are likely thinking about planning and practice adjustments in the months and years ahead, we sat down with Sam Taylor, Farm Inputs Analyst and Executive Director for Research at Rabobank

In out conversation today, Sam offers his perspectives on: 

  • Whether 2024 might prove to be a tipping point year in demand for generic crop protection chemicals
  • How global market conditions are likely affecting on-farm technology adoption decisions
  • The emergence of new rivalries between previously non-competitive industries– like equipment manufacturers and ag chem companies

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Key takeaways

  • [00:10:34] What’s motivating innovation in the ag chem space
  • [00:17:51] Changing economic conditions affect on-farm tech adoption
  • [00:26:16] See-and-spray introduces new inter-sector rivalries

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