Future of Fertilizer Series

The use of fertilizers in agriculture is critical for not only productivity, but also the well-being of soils and plants. Yet the modern fertilizer industry is facing unprecedented pressures – from regulations to global geopolitical disruptions and price swings. 

As a result, fertilizer tech is stepping into the spotlight, offering alternatives not only to traditional products, but also to our whole way of thinking about the crop nutrients sector. 

In this series, we speak with innovators building several different futures of fertilizer, challenging production technologies, business models, and supply chains. We start with Nitrogen - the N in NPK- and then move to P (phophorus), the second most prominent fertilizer component. We also team up with friend and fellow podcaster Tim Hammerich (Future of Agriculture) to discuss the “so what.”

Catch up on the series in the links below and let us know what you think! 

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Key takeaways

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