AgTech 2023… So What? A Wrap-up  

Somehow it’s December again, and another year has come and nearly gone. We've spent a lot of time reflecting on the highs and lows of a particularly unpredictable year for Tenacious Ventures, our portfolio companies, and agtech more broadly.

In that spirit, we’re taking time to talk about what we've learned from a year of fundraising, advising, learning and podcasting. We’re joined today by our editor and producer, Sarah Mock, who facilitates a discussion between Tenacious General Partners Sarah Nolet and Matthew Pryor.

In this episode, we speak about:

  • What surprised us about market shocks in 2023, and why it matters to the world of agri-food tech 
  • Reflections from a year of fundraising in a challenging market and finding the right blend of courage and reality
  • Our predictions for what forces and trends will define the agtech space in 2024


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Key takeaways

  • [00:06:22] The middle ground between confidence and brutal reality
  • [00:13:52] Theorizing about the the future of emissions 
  • [00:26:08] Prioritizing adaptation and resilience in a diverse portfolio

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